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In the lands of Avelion everything is about to change forever.
A world dominated by Five Elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Metal, with peoples and races devoted to them, according to their good and bad characteristics,  it is threatened by evil enemies and dark forces that are moving forward between the Duchies of the Plains and the Kingdom of Bamur.

The young Riel, who has always been devoted to Water, is destined to fight: she will become one of the Five Carries of the Legendary Weapons which have to the power of the Elements. Thus begins an adventure between Elemental Ladies, fairies, bloodthirsty kings, elves, wizards, dwarves and pirates, through places between imagination and reality, divided into Celtic myths, atmospheres of the East and corners of Italy.
A road that will lead her and the other protagonists to fight against enemies, but also to face friends and even themselves, to discover their true nature.

Only by fighting together, supporting and accepting each other, can they find a way to restore Equilibrium to Avelion.

Beyond Time and Space, in a Multiverse lived on different Planes, what is divided unites, what is far becomes close.
When two souls are linked, even if the bodies do not touch, the essence will  entangled forever.
In a impossible reality, to see and hear ... Beyond.
Following the path traced by Love.

These short phrases contain the meaning of my literary universe, the 'Traveler Universe' that binds all my urban-fantasy/sci-fi novels.

Its symbol is the union between the Celtic Triskell, the ramifications of Yggdrasil, 'The Ash of the World' of Norse myths, and the Ankh, the key of life in Ancient Egypt culture. Above all is the T, obviously.
This literary universe unfolds among the Twelve Lineages, many mythological pantheons, presided over by a supreme entity, the emblem of the Order at the base of the Everything.

But it is Chaos, personified by the mysterious figure of the Traveler, that really dominates it.
The upheaval that should not exist, breaking the rules, is that feeling that overcomes any barrier: even Time and Space.
Love that doesn't kneel and subverts everything.

"She understood that it was neither a rock nor a stone, but an egg!
The little girl was amazed, but she was not wrong.
This was a beautiful dragon egg, all knurled, dark green like the trees in the forest. It was so big that Miri had to use both hands to lift it off the ground."

Alex L. Mainardi writes and Miriam Barbieri illustrates this fable about the unlikely friendship between a little girl and the dragon who grows up as a loving mother.
In a beautiful story embellished with light and vibrant brushstrokes, important issues are addressed such as acceptance, equality and understanding between different people, friendship, respect for nature and the importance of not exploiting animals.

Get to know Bright Village, flying with Miri on Sme wings!

Mitologika is the series of picture books dedicated to the legends of the world, devoid of high-sounding terms or complex captions, since it is the fruit of my passion as an author and the illustrators of Casa Ailus, who follow me each time, toward forgotten or often even unknown legends.

We rediscover them, giving them new life through our personal touch, so that readers, by following us on a journey that is renewed in each volume, will be able to approach, learn about and explore something they have "heard about," but nothing more.

In the series The Creatures of Mitologika, again with illustrations by Casa Ailus artists, I explore the origin and various declinations of creatures that from myths live in our imagination, spanning literature, pop culture to everyday reality.

Delving deeper into dragons, mermaids, vampires, witches and more you will discover that there are creatures that are in human history from the dawn of time to the present day, adapting to be ever relevant.