Traveler Universe

A Multiverse that transcends Time and Space, following the adventures of the Twelve Lineages

Traveler Trilogy

Who is hiding behind the Traveler’s guise? The one who rebelled against the Rules that govern the Universe and emerged from it.

In the three self-contained, yet interlinked volumes, "Blink - The Shinig", "ChaosLess - Out of Time" and "Brenna - The Flame", jumping between Norse and Egyptian myths, steampunk, historical or urban backgrounds, adventure, mystery, different time frames, queer realities and even quotes from cinematic culture, you will have to try to follow and understand the enigmatic figure of the Traveler. 

The only common thread is Love, that touch of romance that binds each of the three books together, revealing a broader, chaotic and universal picture.

The Traveler, in each of his many existences, is search of the one who is his heart. In a way, perhaps even of himself, in order to understand and accept himself, to free himself from the prejudices and expectations that have kept him chained for millennia. Only he is able to recognise her at first glance, whatever her face and name in each life, while she, different in each novel, will only consider him what he wants: mentor, brother, friend, lover. Because the moment he remembers the Truth, everything will come to an end and he will start all over again, this is the terrible 'Traveler's Curse'.

On his eternal journey, where he is driven by the need to have her back, to be reunited, the Traveler is the only one who knows the face of the Truth, who can See it, but who would will trust the Chaos incarnate, who is as skilled in Illusion as he is tormeted by loneliness? 

You can try, remembering that nothing is ever really as it seems and the line between Good and Evil is often only a metter of perspective.

Argetlam - The saga

The story of the Argetlam Saga has its roots in Irish legends linked to the lineage of the Tuatha de Danann and their king Nuada, nicknamed 'Argetlam' because of the silver prosthesis that replaced his right arm lost in battle.

Everything revolves around this mythical hero who suddenly awakens in the present day, and he collides with the modern world, populated by people and situations that are all too normal. But the supernatural, with its aura of magic and mystery, will soon manifest itself and overwhelm everything and everyone.

What has always been considered a legend may be ... real.

Four books, each with the title of one of the Tuatha de Danann ‘s Four Precious: the  Sword of Light, the Lance of Victory, the Cauldron of Abundance and the Stone of Destiny.

Four different countries: Italy, England, Ireland and Scotland.

Four years of time for an adventure through real and mythical places, where legendary gods and heroes and ordinary people must learn to coexist and face unpredictable and deadly enemies.