Blink - The shining

He is the god from a collapsed universe of heroes and spells, and he woke up in a distant world and in the body of another one, in an age in which it seems there is no magic.

She survived a terrible accident and lives in a half recostructed body, knowing nothing about what happened and scared about the future as an outcast. Fate brings them together, but not everything is as casual as it might appear.

In a two voice novel set in Victorian London in 1872, in Blink – The Shining the author Alessia Mainardi follows the story of Loki, God of Mischief coming from the legendary Asgard, and Elizabeth, a noble girl with a mechanical heart who hides inside the Blink -soul and the secret of life.

For him, taken the Blink would mean recover all the skills lost in the 'Twilight of the Gods', including going back to his own Land.

It will be a difficult challenge, as the God will find out that not to be the only one interested it and not even the last survivor of Ragnarok drown in a steampunk world – completely unknow to him.

A thrilling adventure develops among automata at human service, mechanical coaches and high society parties, and the bounders between good and bad, right and wrong, trade place and swap to astonish at every turn.

A journey where the main characters will learn to extend their view beyond their individuality, finding out that love can sometimes wound, upset plans, but also surprise, and that people and reality never are what they seems. 

ChaosLess - Out of Time

The land of Egypt holds a secret, which it has hidden to men for thousands of years.

Susan, archaeologist at the head of an expedition financed by a mysterious multinational, will try to find out.

Everything to discover revolve around an ancient sarcophagus impossible to open.

The answer will be very different from what she imagined, but at the same time it will confirm a truth that has always echoed in her soul. Among rubble and indecipherable codes, Susan will know a part of herself and her origins, which it could rewrite the history of humanity.

Will she accept or rebel against a destiny out of Time?

The tale of ChaosLess - Out of Time, a book by the author Alessia Mainardi, part of the Traveler Universe, unfolds between curses, inviolate tombs and strange amulets. Past, present and future, men and gods intersect along the banks of the Nile.Where it all began.

Everyone will deal with the plots that Chaos has prepared, where they are the pawns of an 11,000 years long game.

Argetlam - The saga

The story of Argetlam saga has its foundation in Irish legends linked to the lineage of the Tuatha de Danann and their king Nuada, nicknamed 'Argetlam' for the silver prosthesis that replaced his right arm lost in battle.

Everything revolves around this mythical hero who suddenly awakens to the present day, and he collides with the modern world, populated with people and situations that are all too normal. But the supernatural, with its aura of magic and mystery, will soon manifest itself, overwhelming everything and everyone.

What has always been considered legend may be ... real.

Four books, each of which has as its title the name of one of the Four Precious of the Tuatha de Danann: the  Sword of Light, the Lance of Victory, the Cauldron of Plenty and the Stone of Destiny

Four different countries: Italy, England, Ireland and Scotland.

Four years of time for an adventure through real and mythical places, where legendary gods and heroes and ordinary people must learn to coexist and face unpredictable and lethal enemies.