My name is Alex L. Mainardi and I have always been passionate about myths and legends, of everything that is magical and mysterious, whether it is real like archeology or fantastic like dragons!

I have always told and written stories and since 2008 I have decided to make them my job, publishing my self-publishing novels.

From there began a road that in 2018 led me to create Casa Ailus, the collective of artists with whom I made the illustrated books series Mitologika.

I have a rare degenerative genetic disease called Friedreich's Ataxia and have been a cosplayer since 2003.

So what?

Combine these three things: Writing, Friedreich's Ataxia, Cosplay.

Here is who I am and here is also explained the logo which also is the name of my site.

AF (italian acronym) is for Friedreich's Ataxia to which I added Fredoom because it is not my condition that limits me, hand and pen are for Writing, ending with the wheel of my wheelchair with which I Cosplay even while sitting!

Write me at writer@afreedomwriter.com or...