Lokinson Comic - Vol. #0

The Twilight of the Gods has begun.

Ragnarok is a battle with an already written ending, as is the fate of the brave who will fight. Yet all of them took the battlefield to face each other.

Hel, goddess of Death, disembarks in Asgard from the ship Naflagar, at the helm of which there is her father Loki who leads the forces of Chaos to battle.

Watching her family's inevitable end is something she is prepared for, but she's Loki's blood that's running through her veins.

When an opportunity presents itself before her eyes, something beyond the prophecies, Hel does not think twice about subverting Destiny... starting another one completely unpredictable.

From an idea of ​​Alessia Mainardi in collaboration with Elisa Taiana, of which there are all the illustrations, strips and colours, was born the comic series Lokinson.

It is also a part of the 'Traveler Universe' created by the author, who will lead us behind the scenes of the strange London theater, to discover the characters that populate it and their stories, which are not what they seem!