La Figlia dell'Acqua

Avelion - Book I

In the fantastic lands of Avelion dominated by the Five Elements - Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Metal - Riel's life runs smoothly in the Duchy of Pharmes, in the middle of the Plain. Raised by a powerful wizard who taught her the Ancient Faith, the young woman grows up learning to live with her own oddities that no one seems to want to explain to her.

In fact, Riel is not like all other Avelion's people, in which the Five Elements are harmoniously mixed. She is only Water: the earth rejects her and struggles to walk, instead in her element she is strong and determined, with no barriers to hold her back.

What does her existence hide?

The answer will suddenly come along with her destiny: to become one of the five Carries of the Legendary Weapons and try to restore Equilibrium in Avelion.

She will have to discover her origins, along with the beginning of everything.

A story of rebirth and redemption that takes place in imaginary lands where humans, wizards, dwarves and elves coexist.

In her journey Riel will meet others who, like her, are looking for their own path, overcoming obstacles, limits and insecurities. Together they will face their destiny with the knowledge that sometimes diversity is the key to changing their lives.