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The end of a journey

"Every journey begins with a first step"

The first step of this journey, disturbing the wisdom of Lao Tzu, I made on December 17, 2018, when I have a quick search on my mobile, this online ticket site has appeared.
Have you ever heard the expression 'Be careful what you wish for, because it could happen'?
Yes, that's about my life. Call it Karma or Mylord Destiny, like me, fact is everything I want ardently finds a way to materialize. Mid 2018, when my seduction into Loki bordered on pathological, involving the actor Tom Hiddleston who is his voice, face and heart, I said to my friends: If in addition to the Con's in America, Hiddleston did something in Europe, maybe in the theater in London, since it's his house, I swear I'd go!
November 2018 goes on-line this:
Tom Hiddleston. In theatre. At London. From March to June 2019. I can't predict the future, I swear!

Simply Mylord Destiny (called sometimes 'Daddy' by yours truly, but the reason I'…